At Legacy Financial Planning, we understand how difficult it can be to care for a child, sibling or other family member with special needs. Drawing inspiration from your attentive nature and selfless devotion, we have dedicated ourselves to helping you create a long-term financial plan—encompassing your a loved one's current needs, their expenses once adulthood is reached, and the care that will continue as a part of your legacy.

We are well-versed in special needs planning and can help educate and guide you on the role Medicaid, Supplemental Social Security Income and other state and government benefits play, along with the intricacies of developing and managing a Special Needs Trust, as you seek to balance other important financial and family priorities. Count on us to provide the level of knowledge, understanding and compassionate guidance you expect.

A Focus on Children with Special Needs

We are often contacted by family members in a time of crisis when decisions must be made without an opportunity for advance planning. These often include:

  • At a child's 18th birthday
  • Upon turning age 22
  • Upon the death of a parent or grandparent
  • Loss of SSI or SSDI benefits due to improper planning.

Our comprehensive planning approach strives to ensure that preparations for these and other situations are considered well in advance and given the proper thought and analysis to help ensure plans are in place to protect your child. This helps you feel confident in your decisions and better prepared for life’s unexpected events.

The following are among many common concerns we can help you address:

  • Developing an overall planning strategy
  • Identifying short and long term financial costs
  • Preserving your child's eligibility for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or other government benefits
  • Utilizing public and private resources
  • Addressing financial concerns regarding residential options