Legacy Financial Planning provides Plan Participant Investment Services through two distinct programs:

1. Asset Allocation Guidance Program

This program is administered by Legacy Financial Planning’s independent financial advisors. We work with plan participants to provide asset allocation guidance to help:

  • Educate plan participants on the various investment classes
  • Explain the proper use of lifestyle, target date funds and/or model portfolios
  • Prepare plan participants to make appropriate asset allocation and fund choices within the plan line-up, aligned with their specific timeframes and risk tolerance

The advisors at Legacy Financial Planning do not provide investment advice or discretionary asset management services through this program. Our focus is on educating your participants to enable them to make the most appropriate investment choices within the available asset classes.

2. Discretionary Asset Management Program

For plan sponsors seeking to provide plan participants with access to in-plan discretionary asset management services, we are able to refer you to an outside professional money manager that actively manages the account, exercising full discretion over all or a portion of the individual’s 401(k) or 403(b) plan account, based on a specific written agreement. The money manager has agreements with many corporations nationwide. This service can only be provided to corporations with an agreement in place.