Our comprehensive planning approach seeks to capture opportunities tailored to your needs and goals. By taking the time to understand you, your passions and your challenges in life, we are better able to develop long-term strategies customized to your needs.

Our Planning Process

The financial planning process is a lot like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. If you're missing a piece or try to force a piece into the wrong slot, you wind up with an inaccurate, ill-fitting end-product with gaps. The same result can occur when your finances are managed in a piece-meal manner. That's because all financial decisions are interdependent. It's only when your personal financial puzzle is viewed from a holistic perspective – and the right pieces are put in place – that an accurate and complete picture emerges.

Our comprehensive planning process is the tool we use to put together the pieces of your unique financial puzzle, helping to reveal where you are today and the steps required to get you where you want to go tomorrow. And it all begins with a comfortable and relaxed conversation in our office over tea or coffee where our only goal is to get to know you.

Discovery is the first and most important step of our comprehensive planning process. During this fact-finding phase of the planning process, we seek to determine what matters most to you and your family. We'll ask questions, but mostly we'll listen to understand who you are, what you value and how you picture your future. Only then can we begin to construct a plan tailored to your needs that seeks to protect your assets while generating the income you require.

We will analyze your current situation and strategy, suggest a plan to address potential problems and point out areas of opportunity. We will engage in scenario planning, demonstrating how different situations and scenarios may positively or negatively impact your goals and objectives. We will develop a comprehensive strategy and recommendations aligned with your goals and objectives.

Based on your input and response to our analysis and recommendations, we will prioritize action steps and work closely with your other advisors (attorney, CPA, etc.), as appropriate, to implement your plan. This may include transferring account assets or establishing new accounts, and processing account paperwork and/or insurance applications. During this phase of the planning process we proactively communicate with you so you know what is taking place at all times. You will also have 24/7online access to your plan and account information.

Through continual monitoring of your strategies and investments, we will assess the need for adjustments as your needs and the financial markets change over time. We will schedule regular reviews to help keep your strategies on track and meet with you whenever you have questions or concerns.

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