Today’s challenging economy can make it difficult for your employees to gain the control they seek over their finances. Simply juggling day-to-day expenses like car payments, credit card debt, medical and utility bills can feel overwhelming to many. As a result, many don’t know where or how to begin planning for life’s “big” goals, like retirement.

Financial education programs can be a highly successful way to help your employees navigate the financial challenges they face while gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of the tools and resources available to them, including your company retirement plan. Worksite education programs can also play a significant role in fulfilling your fiduciary obligations and can potentially prevent costly lawsuits from employees who claim they did not receive the information they needed to make informed investing and retirement planning decisions.

Workforce financial education can help you:

  • Provide employees the in-depth education and financial guidance needed to better understand, appreciate and fully participate in their retirement plan benefit
  • Fulfill your fiduciary obligations under ERISA guidelines
  • Improve employee morale and productivity
  • Reduce costs associated with employee absenteeism due to financial issues and stress
  • Drive more positive retirement outcomes for employees
  • Avoid delayed retirements due to lack of employee preparation
  • Take control of their finances
  • Build a foundation for effective, lifelong financial decision-making
  • Gain a realistic perspective on their income needs in retirement
  • Create a budget that supports their lifestyle
  • Master basic financial and investment principles
  • Set manageable financial goals
  • Create realistic action steps for pursuing their goals
  • Improve investment asset allocations

Financial Workshops Tailored to Your Needs

At Legacy Financial Planning, our Corporate Education Services program is an initiative we are particularly passionate about. Our workshops and presentations enable you and your employees to leverage our years of experience educating individuals preparing for and entering retirement. In addition to educating your employees and introducing them to the resources available to them, we integrate your unique benefits offering into each of our programs to help your employees maximize the benefits available to them.

Successful Money Management is the flagship component of the Legacy Financial Planning Corporate

Education Program. This comprehensive workshop is comprised of multiple sessions offered once a week

over a period of 4 to 6 weeks. The Successful Money Management workshop helps your employees build a lasting foundation for managing their finances and investments, planning for retirement, setting realistic goals and making confident financial decisions.

  • Session 1: Building the Foundation – focuses on financial basics: budgeting, cash and debt management, investment concepts and retirement accumulation strategies.
  • Session 2: Creating and Managing Wealth - the second leg of the workshop takes an in-depth look at investment strategies to manage market risk, including asset allocation, diversification, and portfolio rebalancing. By fully integrating your benefits offering, employees gain a deeper understanding of how to more effectively use the benefits and the investment options available to them.
  • Session 3: Establishing Your Retirement Income Stream - building on what employees have learned so far, the third session discusses how to prepare prior to retirement to generate income during retirement. Employees learn how various assets are used to structure an income stream to support both needs and wants in retirement.
  • Session 4: Making the Most of What You Have - the final session reviews employer benefits in-depth to help provide a clear understanding of the role they play in developing a personal retirement plan strategy. This session also addresses legacy planning and the basics of estate planning.

Financial Strategies for a Successful Retirement is designed to help your employees focus on their personal vision of life in retirement and how they will finance it. It seeks to provide employees with the tools to prepare for their retirement needs and consider aspects including where they may live in retirement, managing health care costs in retirement and the role of Social Security and Medicare. This multi-session workshop is typically delivered once a week over the course of several weeks.

This workshop provides in-depth guidance in the areas of:

  • Goal Planning
  • Asset Accumulation Strategies
  • Distribution Planning (Retirement Income Strategies)
  • Risk Planning (including Health Care and Long-Term Care Planning, and Estate Planning)

This workshop reviews and addresses:

  • Sources of retirement income
  • How to maximize company benefits in the accumulation phase
  • Applying basic saving and investing principles to retirement planning
  • Social Security claiming strategies
  • Planning for health care costs in retirement

Transitions in the Workplace is designed to provide employees who are retiring or leaving the company on a voluntary or involuntary basis with the tools and advice they need to move forward. We help separating employees understand their plan distribution and rollover options and educate them on the potential pitfalls of cashing out of the plan. Our goal is to provide the education and tools to help separating employees continue to pursue positive savings and retirement planning behaviors after leaving your employment.

Through this program, we provide your employees with access to one-on-one support and guidance from our experienced and trained advisors. We counsel and educate separating employees on these and other topics, as applicable:

  • Retirement Plan distribution options
  • Retirement Plan rollovers
  • Group Life Insurance
  • Reduction in benefits for active or retired employees
  • COBRA alternatives
  • Defined Contribution Plan termination
  • Defined Benefit Plan freeze or termination
  • Retiree Group Life elimination

In addition to our multi-session Successful Money Management and Financial Strategies for a Successful Retirement workshops, Legacy Financial Planning offers a series of topical presentations as part of our Corporate Education Program. These one-hour workshops provide a broad range of information and education for employees of different ages and at different stages in the retirement planning process.

Early Career:

  • Investing 101
  • Smart Money Moves in Your 20's and 30's
  • Understanding Life Insurance


  • Estate Planning
  • Investing 201
  • Planning for College
  • Tax Strategies


  • Caring for An Aging Parent
  • Get Retirement Ready
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Understanding Retirement Healthcare
  • Understanding Social Security
  • Planning with Pride: A Closer Look at Estate Planning for the LGBT Community
  • Three Special Needs Planning Workshops
  • Women and Investing: Planning Your Financial Journey